“There are no lottery addicts”

The treaty is highly controversial even before its entry into force: private lottery vendors have announced that they would be planning actions. They insist on the addiction argument being further advanced upon. index“There are no lottery addicts,” says Norman Faber, the head of the eponymous company. It is also uncertain whether the European Commission approves of the contract.

The arcade operator Paul Gauselmann was again threatened with lawsuits and criticism: “Your own gambling cartel will protect the Ministers with the contract, with the state casinos and the lottery companies.” Private competition will be largely eliminated, Gauselmann said: “This is wrong, the court will have no further existence.” At the end of the Ministers’ Conference around 50 employees of the vending industry protested against the restrictions on the gambling contract.

indexThe German Lotto and Toto Block (DLTB), however, responded to the agreement of the provinces with relief. The “Oddset” game will face the competition of sports betting, information that was shared with us by the State Lottery Administration in Bavaria.

The Schleswig-Holstein FDP parliamentary leader Wolfgang Kubicki expressed doubts about the state contract is in its current form. He was “more than ever convinced that this treaty is never actually going to become a reality” – this was said by Kubicki.

Schleswig-Holstein is still willing to find a compromise. It is good that other counties have agreed to give the draft to the parliament after it being checked by the EU Commission.

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